Massage for Pregnancy and Postnatal

The Pregnancy Massage Course is taught over 4 days, including practical assessment, after which students must complete four case studies and a small research project of their choice within 6 months.

Students will learn how the body changes during pregnancy, labour and postnatal, and the symptoms and problems which can accompany these stages. Students will be shown how massage can help with these problems, when to signpost to other therapists/GP/midwife and any contraindications to massage. Included will be simple exercises, techniques and equipment such as exercise balls can help pregnant and postnatal women. The teaching will include groupwork, discussion, handouts and casestudies.

The Course tutor will demonstrate a full body massage on a pregnant woman. Over the course students will learn and practise the massage techniques on each other, and the final assessment will be a massage of a pregnant women observed by the course tutor. At any point during this assessment if the course tutor feels the pregnant woman is unsafe the assessment will be stopped. By the end of the course Students will be able to perform a complete pregnancy or postnatal body massage, and take a consultation for a woman at any time during her pregnancy or postnatal.

Assessment of theory will be continuous during the course as students will role play casestudies and apply their understanding of how to treat a pregnant or postnatal women presenting with a variety of symptoms.

Students will complete four pregnant casestudies within six months. Each case study should receive 3 full body massages with consultation.

Students will complete a small research project after the course which will help to embed knowledge, or aid students in finding clients such as volunteering at a local antenatal class. Students will submit notes or research findings for assessment after six months.

Assessment of pregnancy practical will take place on day 4 of the course. Students will take a consultation and perform a full body massage on a pregnant women with the tutor present and assessing.

If Students fail the practical assessment they will be unable to complete the course. They may be invited to retake the course, or resit the practical assessment at a later date.

The venue is the Heaton Acupuncture Clinic based in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne with bus and metro links from the train station and airport.

Equipment for teaching the course : futon matresses, pillows, towels, organic cold pressed sunflower oil, flipchart and pens, paper and handouts all provided by the course tutor. Students are asked to bring a pillow and two large bath towels and two hand towels with them.

The Course is written and delivered by Jude Soames who has been working with pregnancy and postnatal massage for 15 years. Jude's qualifications include ITEC Anatomy and Physiology and ITEC Massage and Aromatherapy, APNT Massage for Pregnancy and Labour, Advanced NO HANDS practitioner, Birth and Postnatal Doula, City & Guilds Teaching Adult Learners 7307.

Jude is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association and Doula UK. Jude is a partner and founding member of Newcastle Pregnancy and Baby Centre and a volunteer breastfeeding peer support with Healthworks Newcastle.

The course is £550.00 for 4 days' teaching, practical assessment, assessment of 4 case studies and written coursework, plus ongoing email/phone support for 6 months.

7th - 10th Feb 2019 - contact SoamesTherapy to register interest