Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is for people who are not pregnant or postnatal, and also men.

The massage I use is called NO HANDS massage and was devised by Gerry Pyves. The reason for its name is that I use my forearms to massage rather than my hands, and in this way I can perform a deep massage over a larger surface area.

The massage is very useful for releasing long-standing muscle tension and strain, structural realignment, and regulating body systems.

What can I expect?

A consultation takes place before the massage so that the massage can be tailored to your needs. I will encourage you not to talk in the massage but instead to focus on your breathing and relaxing, and this will add to the effectiveness of the massage.

The massage takes place with you lying face down on a massage couch supported by pillows. This pillow support means I can use my full weight to exert deep pressures into your muscles. Since I am using my forearms to massage you this weight is spread over a larger surface area and is felt as a deep, comforting pressure. I may use some rocking to release tension held in muscles, and also to help you to relax into the massage.

At the end of the massage you will have time to absorb to strength of the treatment, and you choose when you feel ready to step off the couch and return to your daily life.

1 hour Therapeutic Massage £40.00

Introductory Offer of four consecutive weekly Therapeutic Massages £110.00

Block Booking of four Therapeutic Massages £140.00