Birth Doula

I believe that every birth is as unique as the woman and baby involved, and that every labour has its own personality. My role as a doula is to give each unique birth journey the respect it deserves and support each woman in the choices she makes.

What does a Birth Doula Do?

There is a wealth of resources, written and on social media, as well as groups, classes and courses which are all valuable in helping women to navigate their pregnancy, labour and postnatal time. I will help you and your partner to find information relevant to your individual situation, to take on board what you may find useful, and to discard what is unhelpful.

I will help you and your partner feel supported to be flexible to change and to work with the rhythms of your labour. I hope to help you enjoy the birth of your baby however you choose to give birth, and however your birth plans may be adjusted depending on the changing nature of your labour and the decisions you make.

What can I do for you?

I will not make decisions for you and I will never judge you. We will work together to establish what is important for you at each stage of your labour. I will endeavour to support you through reassurance, encouragement and caring so that your birth and postnatal time are happy, positive experiences.

I am a recognised Birth Doula with Doula UK.

My package for a birth includes: 2 antenatal visits getting to know you and your partner, your hopes, fears, dreams; being on-call from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby; one postnatal visit.

Please note I have used the singular “baby” here, but I am very happy to attend the births of twins, triplets, quadruplets...