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Thank you, but I’m OK Standing

Posted on 24 April 2020

— why you might turn down the gallant person offering you a seat.

Who would have thought that sitting could be so difficult? Feel so cramped and awkward? Even painful? In my massage practice I see many pregnant clients who find sofas and seats very uncomfortable.

Soft, squishy cushions do not offer support to pregnant hips, and people with pelvic girdle pain may find some chairs exacerbate the feelings of misalignment through their pelvis. The voluminous depth of material in a sofa can be constricting, trapping you so that movement is hampered and getting back up becomes impossible.

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Ah Pregnancy!

Posted on 20 March 2019

Your body is changing, your muscles ache, your pelvis is softening to accommodate your growing baby, your organs are running out of space. Feelings of congestion, breathlessness, tiredness, and constantly needing the toilet are common! Physically it may seem you don’t recognise your own body.

Emotions are also not under your control. Your hormones take over, and suddenly simple actions, decision making, and day to day existence can become overwhelming. Plus, looming large on the horizon is your labour. Not to mention the following days, weeks, years of being a parent.

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New Beginnings…

Posted on 26 September 2018

Here I am!

I have been carrying around a little book of ideas, and forgetting and then remembering things I want to share, and talking to long suffering friends and family about what I want to do for over a year, and now here I am.

So… my plan is to write about the questions I am asked daily at work by pregnant and postnatal women and their partners. I want to share what I have learnt during the years I have been working and what I know from being a mum myself.

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