New Beginnings…

Posted on 26 September 2018

Here I am!

I have been carrying around a little book of ideas, and forgetting and then remembering things I want to share, and talking to long suffering friends and family about what I want to do for over a year, and now here I am.

So… my plan is to write about the questions I am asked daily at work by pregnant and postnatal women and their partners. I want to share what I have learnt during the years I have been working and what I know from being a mum myself.

I am lucky to know a number of highly experienced practitioners who have been working with pregnant and postnatal women alongside me, and I hope to include their wisdom in this blog.

Most of all I want to create a source of helpful information for all newly pregnant and postnatal women which will support them on their journeys through their own new beginnings.

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