Closing the Bones

This beautiful massage treatment was taught at a Doula Uk gathering by Rocio Alarcon who is from Ecuador. Rocio believes British women would have had a similar type of tradition which was eroded and lost as maternity practices were taken out of the hands of local women.

Using a woven cloth wrap called a rebozo, the client’s hips are rocked and bound. This has the effect of loosening areas of tightness around the pelvis and has a wonderful restorative feel. The massage which accompanies the treatment is designed to realign the womb and bring energy back into that area.

Closing the Bones massage focuses on the wellbeing of a woman’s uterus and ovaries. The treatment has a ceremonial rhythm to it, celebrating the wonder of the womb in all its aspects, and this makes it suitable for girls starting on their menstrual journey, young women hoping to improve fertility, postnatal women readjusting to life as a parent, and older women as they enter the crone phase and menopause.

The treatment lasts an hour and costs £50.00