Partners can be overlooked during pregnancy and postnatally as all the focus is on the mother and baby. They can feel sidelined, less important and in the way. This is unfair as they are travelling the journey to parenthood too, with all the anxieties, sleepless nights and apprehension that can bring. Most of all I find that partners want to feel useful, and I can help them to use massage to support their partner in pregnancy and labour.

What to expect?

When you book a pregnancy massage you can book a longer session so your partner can attend with you. I talk with you and your partner about your hopes and ideas for your labour so that I can help your partner to support you.

I teach your partner very simple massage holds and pressures which can be used during pregnancy to relieve aches in the pelvis and lower back area, and which can also very useful in labour. I show partners how to reassure you if you start to panic in labour, and I demonstrate the use of breathing together as a method to calm anxiety, and make the labour more manageable.

I talk about the importance of movement to work through each contraction and how an active labour can help the baby to travel on its journey, so that labour becomes enjoyable and a positive experience to look forward to for both parents.

This session with partners takes place after a full pregnancy massage and costs an extra £15 on top of the massage.