Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is a lovely treat! Clients can attend as soon as they feel able following their labour, and some bring their babies with them to feed during the massage. After labour muscles can be tired and strained, and the new mother can feel exhausted and fragile.

What can I expect?

The massage moves are gentle, slow, rhythmic and soothing. They work deeply to ease and release tensions which have formed during the labour and since, especially in the back, shoulders and legs.

The postnatal massage is similar to the pregnancy massage with you lying on your side on a mattress on the floor supported by lots of pillows. In this fetal position you can feel safe and protected so even if you had a C-section or are breastfeeding you will still be very comfortable.

A full consultation is taken before the massage. Every labour is unique since every woman, baby and situation is different, and the consultation can be a time for you to think about your labour and the effects it has had on you and your body. You may not want to talk about it which is ok, however for some women talking their labour through at the start of the massage can be very helpful and releasing.

Following the birth of a baby, women can feel they have lost their identities as they are under the constant demands of their baby. Postnatal massage provides time and space for you, giving you a well earned rest, and helping ease your body gently towards recovery.

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